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Washington Native Bee Society

Monthly Meeting

January 26th, 2023 @ 7:30 PM

A large bumble bee on a blanketflower by Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner - Brood Cell Mutualists: Bees and Mites

Large black and yellow mining bee on white background

January 26th at 7:30pm on Zoom

Acarinaria are specialized anatomical structures found on a variety of bees and wasps that provide safe-harbor for beneficial mites. While these mite species provide advantageous services, other hitchhiking mites can be deleterious to the host. Sarah's discussion will examine the relationships between these mites and their hosts, with special attention paid to the associations seen in solitary native bee species.

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Mining Bee (Andrena sp.) Image by Joe Dlugo

Sarah Gardner with insect net, satchel and visor, studying bees in the field

Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner is a pollination ecologist out of Pendleton, Oregon, where she has her own ecological consulting business. She has recently become focused on researching anthropogenic effects on invertebrate communities in the Pacific Northwest, with special emphasis on the hundreds of native bee species that can be found in the area. Sarah is also a mentor to participants of the Master Melittologist program outside of Oregon.

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