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Washington Native Bee Society

Do you wonder about the bees you see in your garden, or while hiking along Washington trails?

Are you interested in native plants and what pollinates them?

Is our agricultural food system important to you?

Do you want to help protect Washington’s bees and their habitats?


Then you should be a member of the Washington Native Bee Society!


Join or renew TODAY!

Your membership will help build our new organization's foundations. We are working towards offering the following activities:

  • Field trips to admire, study and photograph bees and their plant communities

  • Study weekends held in different ecosystems around the state

  • Workshops on bee identification 

  • Volunteer opportunities in education, restoration and conservation projects

  • Grant funding eligibility for education, conservation, and research projects

  • Participation in the WaNBS Photo Contest    

Membership Categories:

  • Individual member ($30): a member of the Society

  • Individual member - Access Rate ($15): a member of the Society but for a lower membership fee for individuals who cannot afford to become members at the full rate

  • Family membership ($40): a membership for families of 2 or more

  • College student member ($15): members of the Society who are currently enrolled in a recognized post-secondary educational institution

  • Youth member ($5): members who are primary or secondary school age and are currently in school or intend to return to school

  • Lifetime member ($300): a member for lifetime without need for renewal

  • Associate member ($100): limited to businesses, associations, and non-governmental organizations, may not vote or hold office

  • Honorary member (free): granted to members who have made an outstanding contribution to native bee conservation and/or who have rendered outstanding service to the Society

Become a Member

Select a membership level:

Thanks for joining the Washington Native Bee Society!

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