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Washington Native Bee Society

Monthly Meeting

September 22nd, 2022 @ 7:30 PM


David Jennings - Our Backyard Bumbles:
An Introduction to Washington's Bumble Bees


September 22nd at 7:30pm on Zoom

Bumblebees are some of our most endearing native pollinators. With their furry bodies (and ability to thermoregulate) they are well-adapted to survive in colder and temperate ecosystems, such as those in Washington State. David Jennings will discuss our native bumblebees, their behavior and ecology, and what we can do to help their populations and attract them to our yards. He will also discuss identification tips for our most common bumblebee species. Learning to identify bumblebees can serve as a great introduction to learning about all our native pollinators.

Learn them, respect them, protect them!

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David Jennings

David is bumble bee enthusiast with an academic background in wildlife ecology and conservation.  He is currently the president of the Washington Native Bee Society.  

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