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Washington Native Bee Society

Speaker Series

July 28th, 2022 @ 7:30 PM


Joe Dlugo - Let's Talk About Bee Photography


July 28th at 7:30pm on Zoom

The miniature world of bees on flowers must be the inspiration for every magical fairy wonderland ever portrayed in art.  It's hard not to reach for a camera to capture a brief moment of the beauty.  As more people have taken to the calling of native bees in recent years, the craft of photographing them has taken stunning leaps.  For this presentation, we'll explore macro photography with a focus on the unique challenges that come with bees, the benefits and drawbacks of various camera platforms and techniques, and some of the unusual intangibles that come with the territory.  Whether you’re a seasoned shutter clicker or just getting into the game, there's likely to be something of interest for you.

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Joe Dlugo

On a cool spring morning in the late 1980's, Joe's parents allowed him to plant a single chrysanthemum in their suburban Chicago garden.  Around that same time, his beloved Uncle Frank gave him his first camera.  Two passions were born that would eventually collide on a summer day in his Tenino, Washington garden some 25 years later when he would discover that the little overlooked insects on his garden flowers were bees.  Like many bee enthusiasts, photography became a way to share this new and mysterious world with others.  His work can be seen throughout the WaNBS website, on his own website,, and in numerous publications worldwide. 

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