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Board of Directors

Washington Native Bee Society

From our bylaws:

The power and duty to control the property, to conduct the business, and to determine policies shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

There shall be no fewer than five (5) and not more than (15) Directors, including the elected officers. Directors shall be elected by the membership and shall be members of the WaNBS in good standing. They shall serve without pay. 

Terms for all Directors, including Officers, shall be two (2) years in duration. 

In the event of vacancies on the Board of Directors, individuals may be appointed by the remaining Directors to serve out the remainder of the vacancy period.  Such individuals would be eligible to run for a full term at the conclusion of their appointed term.

Based on the current version of our bylaws, term periods for Directors are staggered, with the President, Treasurer and three (3) Director at large positions elected in even numbered years (e.g., 2022) with the Vice-President, Secretary and remaining Director at large positions elected in odd numbered years (e.g., 2021).

There are no term limits.

Appointments to the Board


The bylaws allow members of the board to appoint individuals to vacant board positions for the remainder of the term of the position.


Once elected by voting of the membership, the board intents to appoint the following individuals to existing vacant positions:



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