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Dialictus sweat bee at the end of a phacelia flower stamen

Over 600 Species of Native Bees are found in Washington State

Educate. Advocate. Act.

July - no meeting this month

Enjoy the height of bee season!   Find a patch of lavender or fireweed and witness bumblebees in action. Roam the beaches of the Sound or the roadsides east of the Cascades to discover the great variety of bees that use gumweed. Bring a magnifying glass for a closer look at the delicate fairy bees on tall buckwheat. Search for the magical Clarkia amoena flowers and watch the petal cutters skillfully do their work. There's so much happening in Washington State! Embrace the wonders of native bees and uncover the vital roles they play in our ecosystem.  

Mining bee on fingertip by Aidan Hersh
Six native bees in portrait on a white ebackground, images by Joe Dlugo

Our Mission

Promoting awareness and conservation of Washington’s native bees and other wild pollinators by building community through education, advocacy, and action

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Native Bee Sightings in Washington



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