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Washington Native Bee Society

Monthly Meeting

March 28th, 2024 @ 7:00

A female leafcutter bee on a echinacea flower head

Aidan Hersh: Bees and other pollinators through a macro lens

March 28th, 2024 at 7:00pm on Zoom

Many people are unaware of the fascinating diversity of bees and other pollinators around the world. For example, in the state of Washington alone there are upwards of 700 species of native bees. To the naked eye, many of these organisms look like nothing more than a mundane house fly. Through the macro lens, however, a vastly different world is revealed. In this presentation, Aidan Hersh will showcase the beautiful bees and pollinators of Washington and beyond. Aidan Hersh is a macro photographer and native bee enthusiast living in Bellingham.

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Aidan Hersh hiking through mossy woods

Aidan Hersh

Aidan Hersh is a macrophotographer and native bee enthusiast living in Bellingham, WA. After picking up a used camera in 2020 and participating in the Xerces Society Bumble Bee Atlas, he began pursuing a career in native bee ecology and conservation. He currently serves on the board of the Washington Native Bee Society, the steering committee of the Washington Bee Atlas, and is leading an effort to database all of the bee specimens in the Western Washington University Insect Collection. He hopes that his photography will bring more attention to the small organisms that make up the world around us, especially bees. His photography can be found on Instagram

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